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Due to the impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has closed its headquarters, visitor attractions (Carew Castle, Castell Henllys and Oriel y Parc), its car parks and sections of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path until further notice. All meetings and events are cancelled until further notice. If you have any queries please call 01646 624800 or email

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2.5 Maximise benefits

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2.5.1 Opportunities for all

The Authority is keen to encourage people to use the National Park as a place to help them adopt a lifestyle that includes regular, moderate exercise. This can have huge benefits to an individual’s health and we encourage events which appeal to everyone in society.

For example, why not consider a shorter or easier event, in parallel with the main one, to encourage a wider range of people to get active. This can introduce individuals to new or different activities in and help Wales become a healthier, more active society.

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2.5.2 Support the local economy

To help maximise local economic and social benefits, local suppliers should be used wherever possible. This can cover issues such as supplying local food and drink at watering and food stations and using local firms for printing of publicity and other requirements.

This can help add a distinctive Pembrokeshire feel to your event.  If stewarding is required, it should be possible to hire local labour to undertake this task. Encourage participants, spectators and organisers to use local hotels, B&Bs, campsites and restaurants.

Further information on how best to link with tourism services is available from Pembrokeshire Tourism

2.5.3 Promote the National Park

Events can be a way to promote the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. We want people to come and have a great experience and leave with an understanding of the special qualities of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  We want people to be inspired to return to Pembrokeshire.  A simple way this can be done is to promote the event as being “…In the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park”.

2.5.4 Promote good behaviour

Events can be a good way to get messages across about how to behave responsibly when in the outdoors, both to participants and spectators. When communicating with participants and spectators to promote best practice link to and promote the Countryside Code for Wales or the Pembrokeshire Marine Code.

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2.5.5 Sustainable transport

Encouraging the use of sustainable transport provides an opportunity for everyone to help in reducing the carbon footprint of events. When planning an event, do everything you can to encourage the use of public transport and encourage car sharing.

For example, publicise or provide links to bus and train timetables with application forms and include discussion boards on websites to help participants share information on car sharing. Parking at most key recreation sites is adequate for most weeks of the year but may overflow on bank holidays and peak use days.

Communication with landowners about expected numbers of vehicles is crucial. Landowners can be a key starting point for finding overflow parking if needed. For further information on sustainable modes of transportation in Pembrokeshire visit

2.5.6 Recruit local help

The type, size and location of the event will influence the amount of resources needed to ensure an efficient well run event that maximises the benefits while reducing the possibility for effects on other users of the National Park. Key positions needed depending on the event could be marshals, safety officer, parking attendant, information officer or stewards.

To maximise the benefit and enjoyment of the event for the local community, we suggest using local labour or volunteer groups for these positions. The Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services can provide up to date information, advice and guidance on volunteering opportunities in Pembrokeshire see

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