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Living sustainably - Castell Henllys Iron Age Village

People living in Castell Henllys over 2,000 years ago managed the land in a way we now call ‘sustainable’. Their self-sufficient lifestyle was essential to their survival.

The land around Castell Henllys was well managed by coppicing woodland, growing crops and grazing livestock and the people only took what they needed and replaced what they used.

Livestock at Castell Henllys Iron Age Village

The Iron Age landscape would have been rich in wildlife and you can still see evidence of this in the valleys and woods in the area around Castell Henllys today.

The National Park Authority, together with local farmers, continues to look after the land in a way that benefits the wildlife that lives here.

Just as the land has been managed in much the same way, we can learn lessons from the past in how we source materials and build.

Visitor Centre - Castell Henllys Iron Age Village

Our Visitor Centre is based on the Celts’ ancient roundhouses and was built using local materials and sustainable technologies.

The Visitor Centre was built in 1994 using local untreated timber. The building was one of the first sustainable modern buildings in Pembrokeshire and more sustainable features have since been added including a biomass boiler.

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