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Corporate Documents

In order to comply with legislation, government policy and good practice, the Authority is required to produce the following corporate documents which set out standards and/or targets which it will try to meet.

Financial Documents
Statement of Accounts 2018-2019
Inspection of 2018-2019 Accounts
Statement of Accounts 2017-2018
Statement of Accounts 2016-2017
Financial Standards Revision 2016
Statement of Accounts 2015-2016
Annual Audit Letter 2015-2016
Statement of Accounts 2014-2015 
Statement of Accounts 2013-2014
Statement of Accounts 2012-2013
Statement of Accounts 2011-2012
Statement of Accounts 2010-2011
Statement of Accounts 2009-2010

Improvement/Corporate Plans
Corporate and Resources Plan 2019/20
Summary Version - Corporate and Resources Plan 2019/20
Annual Report on Meeting Well-being Objectives and Improvement Plan Part 2 - 2017/18
Corporate and Resources Plan 2018/19
Summary Version - Corporate and Resources Plan 2018/19
Corporate and Resources Plan 2017/18
Summary Version - Corporate and Resources Plan 2017/18
Corporate Plan 2016-17
Improvement Plan Part 2 and Annual Report on meeting Well-being Objectives 2016/17

Employer Equality Report (Open Data)
Employer Equality Report (Open Data) 2018-19
Employer Equality Report (Open Data) 2017-18

Welsh Language Scheme
Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 2018-19
Welsh Language Standards Annual Report 2017-18
Compliance Notice – Section 44 Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011
Welsh Language Standards Investigation Completed Questionnaire
Welsh Language Standards: Comments and complaints

Freedom of Information
Freedom of Information - Requests Guidance
Freedom of Information - Publication Scheme

Other Documents
Environmental Policy
Code of Corporate Governance
Data Protection Policy
Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020

All-Wales Planning Annual Performance Report 2014-15:
Planning  Annual Performance Report 2015 16
Planning Annual Performance Report (APR) 2016-17

Reports by Wales Audit Office
Annual Improvement Report 2015
Annual Improvement Report 2014
Annual Improvement Report 2013
Annual Improvement Report 2012