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A summary of our recruitment process

Selecting the right person is so important, it can sometimes take time and may vary from position to position.

  • We aim to invite candidates for interview within two weeks of the closing date and around one week ahead of the interview date. 

Advertising vacancies

  • We will advertise vacancies in either the local paper or relevant professional journal, and on our website and at the Jobcentre, making it clear how you can apply.


  • Application is by application form (unless it says differently in the job information or you have a special need).
  • We will only acknowledge applications in response to an email.
  • We will start assessing applications once we get to the closing date.

Shortlisting (ie deciding who to interview)

  • This will be done by at least two staff. We compare all applicants against the essential criteria and identify those who best match.
  • Only applicants who demonstrate that they meet the criteria will be considered for interview.
  • If we have more applicants meeting the essential criteria than we can reasonably interview, we will reduce the number by assessing against the desirable. Or if we ask for ‘experience of…’ then we might give preference to those with the most relevant experience.
  • We will write to all candidates, either inviting for interview or letting you know you have not been successful.

The interview

  • If you are selected for interview, you will be contacted by phone or letter (normally within two weeks of the closing date).
  • At the interview, we will be confirming any critical information from your form, further assessing your suitability in particular those aspects that we couldn’t assess from the paperwork, and giving you the opportunity to find out if it is the job for you.
  • There will be at least two staff at any interview, quite often there may be three.
  • All candidates will be asked questions covering the same standard topics, based on the job related criteria, to ensure a consistent and fair approach. But we will follow up individual responses or issues specifically with you as well.
  • At the end of the interview you may add anything relevant that hasn’t been covered or clarify any information previously stated, or ask any questions.
  • We will let you know what happens next regarding our decision.
  • If unsuccessful, you may like to contact any of the interviewers for feedback.

Additional ways of assessing candidates

  • In addition to the interview, we may use other types of assessment such as presentations, or you may be asked to complete a task to assess your skills/abilities/aptitude. We very occasionally use psychometric assessment. We will let you know if any of these assessments are included.

Equal Opportunities Policy

  • The Authority is an equal opportunity employer, and employees are selected on merit and suitability. This means the person whose skills, knowledge and experience best match the job requirements.
  • When completing an application form, candidates are asked to complete a monitoring form so that we can check whether we attract candidates from all parts of our communities and whether there appears to be equitable opportunity for work with the Authority.

Offer and appointment

  • Any initial job offer is subject to receipt of satisfactory references, medical clearance and where appropriate, DBS clearance and an initial probationary period. You may be asked for documentary evidence of items such as qualifications or your right to work in the UK.

Contacting referees

  • We will contact those referees nominated by you, although we may ask you to provide others or we may tell you that we intend to contact a previous employer even if not nominated by you. Referee checking is designed to seek or confirm information about you from present or past managers or other people with a direct personal knowledge of you.
  • References will usually be in writing but we may take verbal references.

Formal offer – Letter of appointment

  • Once all matters relating to the offer (ie. salary, commencement date, references, medical etc) have been completed, we will send you the formal offer.