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Hay meadows, butterflies and bracken bruising

Conservation Officer Julie Garlick reveals what she’s spotted out and about in the National Park in July. July, for me, is all about hay meadows...

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National Park Nature Diary
Published 03/08/2018

Haroldston Chins Easy Access Coastal Experience


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Walk of the Month
Published 13/07/2018

Renewed appreciation for National Park Wardens

With his team busy cutting vegetation along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail, North Area Warden Manager, Geraint Harries, took it upon himself to help out with what he thought would be simple fence repair job...

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National Park Warden Blog
Published 25/06/2018

Learn about the Naturally Connected pilot project

National Park Authority Biodiversity Officer Sarah Mellor looks back on the Naturally Connected pilot project, which worked with local businesses to explore opportunities to enhance biodiversity on their land. I’ve just finished the project report for our Naturally Connected pilot project, which we have been working on over the last year and a half thanks to funding from the Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund. Most of the National Park is in private ownership so in the Conservation Land Management Team we spend a lot of time working with landowners including farmers, smallholders and community groups to help them enhance their land for wildlife. The Naturally Connected project aimed to explore new opportunities for working with tourism businesses around the park...

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Biodiversity Blog
Published 19/06/2018

Spring wildflowers, puffins and ponies

Read Conservation Officer Julie Garlick's guide to the wonderful wildlife she’s spotted around the Pembrokeshire Coast in June. May and June are probably many people’s favourite months of the countryside calendar...

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National Park Nature Diary
Published 08/06/2018

Introducing the new Adders are Amazing project

Sam Langdon, Pembrokeshire Adder Co-ordinator for Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (ARG UK), introduces us to their new project, Adders are Amazing! The Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park is home to one of our most enigmatic British animals: the adder...

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Guest Blogger
Published 22/05/2018

Enjoy a Coast Path walk among spring wildflowers

After the long winter, spring is now in full swing at last and the weather is slowly improving, which means we can look forward to seeing the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail lined with a carpet of colourful wildflowers in full bloom. While walking most sections of the Coast Path in the next month or two, you are likely to come across flowers such as: sea campion; pink campion; bluebells; cowslip, English stonecrop; gorse and ferns. Thrift alongside the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail. Whether you’re walking between Newport and Poppit Sands or around St David's Head, the rugged coastline has never looked better, and now is the perfect time to head outdoors for a walk along the coast to view and take in this floral spectacle that the Coast Path is famous for. The months of May and June provide the largest number and most varied selection of flowering plants, many of which only thrive in a coastal habitat...

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Walk of the Month
Published 04/05/2018

Spring wildlife to spot in April

Conservation Officer Julie Garlick provides a summary of the spring wildlife she’s spotted around the Pembrokeshire Coast in April. One of the things I love about being out and about for my work is the chance to see what nature is up to throughout the National Park and seeing how it changes through the year. Swallow © John Bridges.​ It feels like we’ve been waiting for spring for ages this year...

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National Park Nature Diary
Published 26/04/2018

Help protect our cliff-nesting birds

Lynne Houlston, National Park Authority Ranger for the MOD Castlemartin Range explains how you can help protect our cliff-nesting birds as you enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast. Spring has sprung – supposedly, and the birds are starting to prepare for nesting...

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National Park Ranger Blog
Published 23/03/2018

Winter walking in the National Park

In a change to the usual Walk of the Month feature, Public Rights of Way Officer, Meurig Nicholas offers some advice on walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail and inland rights of way network in winter...

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Walk of the Month
Published 31/01/2018

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